Accio Spoons (Organic Herbal Tea for Muscle Relaxation)

A closeup image of a small white bowl full of a blend of passionflower, eleuthro, oat tops, hawthorn berries, and black tea.  Behind it is the slightly blurry label that indicates what the tea is.  It calls it "Accio Spoons," lists the ingredients, and indicates that they are all organic.

Accio Spoons was the product of the collision of a few things.

The first was a ridiculously bad flu that knocked me out for most of January.

The second was the fact that end of year stock clearing had left us in a bad place as far as access to our medicinal teas.  I’d been so busy with our holiday rush that I hadn’t restocked anything yet, so we went into that cursed flu with none of the usual tools for mitigating it.  Our teas for pain were similarly absent.

The third was that one of my research books pointed out something that I really felt I should have realized on my own long prior.

One of the things that my chronic illness causes is a relatively obscene amount of tension – it happens all over, but is worst in my back, neck, and shoulders.  The muscles are constantly trying to act as compression gear to hold the joints together in something resembling cohesive and functional order.

However, there’s more to it than that.

Dislocations and subluxations cause pain.1

And one of the reactions the body has to pain is to tense up.  This can turn into a vicious cycle that can lead to it being very difficult to eat, and sometimes impossible to talk – and there are also the fun times when it feels like my body is going to choke itself into unconsciousness.2

The book pointed out that this happens, in part, because of the body’s “Stop touching the hot stove!” reflex.  Problem is that sometimes you can’t actually get away from the pain.  So one set of nerves tells your brain “PAIN!” and your brain tells another set of nerves “STOP DOING THE THING” and those nerves try to get other parts to stop doing the thing which…  can turn into spasming which then evolves into ridiculous levels of tension.

At one point during the sick I mentioned to Mister Tea that I really needed to finally get around to making a tea that fell in between the sometimes-a-bit-too-intense Achievement Unlocked:  Still Standing and the often too-sedating effects of Something for the Pain.

I felt like I was too worn down for Achievement, and I prefer my sleep to come on its own, without encouragement from outside vectors.  (Other than dogs and cats.  Furry critter induced nap is far more tolerable.3

I stared at the recipe for Something for the Pain for a bit, and the data from the research book floated into my head.  I wondered if maybe a key element to helping with my pain would be to ease down the cycle of spasming.  It seemed a viable enough theory, so I set out to make a tea where the central point of it would be to do just that.

I started with passionflower – which is one of the herbs that can help with spasms, added an adaptogen4, then a couple of pertinent tonic herbs, and then some tea to act both as a catalyst and because I find caffeine to be useful to my reality.5

I knew from starting to blend Accio Spoons that I would want to have both a caffeinated and a decaffeinated version of it.  This limited my choice of tea to our basic blending black and our Earl Grey.  While I love Earl Grey, it would have spun the flavour profile in a different direction from my intent, so I went with the basic black.

The first test cup was an interesting experience.  It worked, but it was fairly abrupt, and the effects were harsher than I felt appropriate.  It helped, noticeably, but I wanted to make the experience gentler.

I changed the ratios, and the next time a circumstance presented itself, I tested the tea again.

That iteration worked the way I wanted it to, the experience of relief was smoother, so the tea moved on to “Well, I’ve made it.  Now we have to name it.”

@SageNatural - Jan27
"But it keeps coming back to a conversations @Mr_Desert_Sage and I have had where I look at him and say "Am I groot?"  *pokes knotty doom muscles of horridness, sometimes hurting himself in the process*  "You are Groot."  *downcast expression, sad voice*  "I am Groot."

A couple suggestions were made, but nothing that really seemed quite right – and despite the reasons behind “UnGroot” – I didn’t think that was appropriate either.

Mister Tea and I spitballed names, and after a few back and forth exchanges where neither of us came up with anything we liked, he asked for clarity on how the tea worked.

His response to my summation was to say, “Ah!  So, basically, it frees up spoons that were being used to deal with tension and the pain it causes.  How about” he gave it a beat for timing, “Accio Spoons!”

We did manage to avoid my death by tea inhalation caused by laughter.

Once I could breathe again, I expressed that I thought he might have just nailed it.  We have a sort of unspoken rule that if a name both suits the tea AND makes me cackle, it passes muster.6

A small white bowl of tea full of herbs.  Around it are arrayed a variety of tea containment objects - tins and bags, and a small rectangular packet that could hold a single teabag.  They are labeled "Accio Spoons (Decaffeinated), Ingredients:Black Tea, Hawthorn Berries, Passionflower, Eleuthro, Oat Tops (All Organic)"

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients: Black Tea, Hawthorn Berries, Passionflower, Eleuthro, Oat Tops

Batch Size: 3.1 ounces (or a little less than 88 grams), making at least 35 servings of tea.

Options: Loose Tea (Sample, Bag, Tin, LatchTin), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag, LatchTin)

Additionally, we offer Accio Spoons in both caffeinated and decaffeinated.

Purchasing: Personal Shop, Etsy Store

  1. A dislocation is a complete separation of a joint, a subluxation is a partial. With subluxations, things are still connected, they just aren’t connected properly. Sometimes those partials are actually far worse than the full. Among other things it is easier to convince yourself to just push through and deal with it. “It’s –just– subluxed, it’s fine!”
  2. This has actually happened to me. I have also been informed that, no matter what I think, it is NOT a funny story.
  3. And seems to be one of Raubahn’s favourite things. “Heehee. I made Mom sleep. Aren’t you proud of me? Mister Tea is, in fact, universally proud of him for this. He has no sympathy when I express my “dog made me stay put and sleep” woes – and generally just responds with “Good Boy” with tones of warm pride and appreciation.
  4. These are herbs that improve the body’s capacity to deal with stress. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the basic gist.
  5. Probably too useful. I am fairly certain most doctors would not approve of my daily caffeine intake. Unless the timeframe it was consumed in was different – weekly, perhaps.
  6. Granted, we prefer the hilarity to be less life-threatening, but…

5 Replies to “Accio Spoons (Organic Herbal Tea for Muscle Relaxation)”

  1. Huzzah! As a fibromyalgia sufferer, muscle tension and spasms are an ongoing problem. Prescription muscle relaxers make me too drowsy and loopy to work, so are relegated to bedtime solutions only. Looking forward to giving this a go!

    • I understand entirely on the prescription muscle relaxers. I hated the way they made the inside of my head feel. I hope this helps you as it has me.

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