Pacing: The Sequel

A few weeks back I had mentioned that Mister Tea was shifting schedules at his new job, and that it was going to require some adjustment on the Desert Sage Natural side of things as well.

November of last year I had come to the remarkably obvious conclusion that if I dedicated certain days to certain types of work I might be able to work on my habit of filling All The Hours with All The Work-Things.

My standard approach to things causes cycles of work-until-body-gives-up, crash-into-a-semi-conscious-pain-and-dysfunction-puddle, attempt sleep, wake up and start the cycle again.

My hope was that setting an actual schedule for the work of Desert Sage Natural – both for the blog and for the rest – would help me to mitigate that uncomfortable (and not particularly healthy) cycle.

Right side of the image is a stressed looking human, hands against side of head, looking as if crying out.

Text on the left is:  "Hooray, it's the weekend...  Oh no wait, I run a small business..."

It did help, at least in the time periods where that cycle wasn’t needed, and it had the additional benefit of making it easier to juggle all the various balls that come along with running a small business as well as a household.

However, Mister Tea’s schedule shift meant I needed to move around which work happens on which days, which also changes the days on which you can expect various forms of content from us.

New teas will still be released on Tuesday.  I love the concept of ‘Teasday’ entirely too much to alter that.  Tuesdays will also still be a blending day – which I mention because knowing when our blending days are might help with estimating when your tea will come into existence.

Similarly, Thursdays will still be the days for reposting the older tea posts that have been cleaned up, polished, given the new style photos, and had an audio track recorded.  It will no longer be a blending day, however, as our ‘weekend’ now falls on Thursday and Friday.  I try not to blend on days that could be used for venturing out into the world – whether it be for the good kind of adventure – prowling book shops, basking in the radiance of pens and inks, exposing new and different humans to the wondrousness that is the existence of Raubahn and Dulce…  or for the less good kind – medical appointments and the like.

Mondays will remain unchanged – as this post indicates – and will be a day where posts regarding the work of tea that isn’t tea are released into the wild.

Saturday will be the new second blending day of the week – taking advantage of Mister Tea’s work-from-home days.  If I break myself too thoroughly through fixating on tea, he will be able to assist Raubahn in taking care of me – and, as an added and special benefit – will be able to help me with setting things up for shipping out on Monday.

As far as the blog is concerned, Saturdays and Sundays will be the days for the more random content that doesn’t have a defined place in the week.  Wednesdays will be for update posts (if I ever start writing them again) – and Fridays will be for the heavier content – our Chronic Life posts, among others.

We are still working on settling into this new schedule.  It’s been frustratingly amusing how hard it is to shift the concept of “weekend” from the standard Saturday and Sunday – with all the attendant shifts to when and how things can be done.

Additionally, the backlog of work that was waiting when I came out of the depths of the Doom Flu required that I return to the work-crash-try sleep-work-crash…  cycle for a bit.  Currently trying to shake myself lose of those bad habits, and return to a healthier scheduled work-mode.

I do hope there are some bright spots (possibly involving tea) in your Monday and that the incipient grind of the week to come doesn’t wear you down too much today.

If you're reading this, release your shoulders from your ears, unclench your jaw, and remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth.  We physically tend to hold onto stress in least noticeable ways.  Relax.  Devyn W.
(My thanks to the Twitterverse friend who shared this one a few days ago.)

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  1. Sounds like you’ve created a good plan. And, yes, I just dropped my shoulders, unclenched my jaw and got my tongue off the roof of my mouth!

    • *hopes so, on the plan*

      When I first saw that image, I actually laughed because of how accurate it was.

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