The Mod Squad (For Tea!)

It is not uncommon for really good ideas to come out of unfortunate circumstances.1  At least not as far as my life and tea.2

Recently I’ve had some health issues that led to a sequence of weeks where I didn’t allow myself any caffeine.  It didn’t turn out to be nearly as bad as I had expected, except in one singular area.  Many of the medicinal teas that we keep on hand for my personal use are the caffeinated versions of those teas.

Cup of tea with veins drawn up out of it, around the words "There's too much blood in my caffeine system."

I’d never needed to avoid it before, and we were not prepared.

This included my beloved Accio Spoons.  So one day, in a state of mild delirium3 I decided I would blend myself some decaffeinated Spoons.  However, as I was taking caffeine away from myself, I decided I deserved a special treat.  I would blend it with Earl Grey instead of our standard black tea.

This would have been wonderful.  Except that I grabbed the wrong Earl Grey.  Not because I didn’t notice that I had the caffeinated version in my hand as I blended the tea, but because I don’t blend decaffeinated tea for us, and I was running partially on auto-pilot.

This made me grumpy enough at myself that I didn’t try blending any more tea that day, and was left with a batch of Accio Spoons (Earl Grey.)

Eventually I started letting myself have caffeine again, but the mistake had made me realize that I could offer the choice of what type of tea to use in many of our medicinal teas.  There was some interest in the idea of Accio Spoons with Earl Grey from our corner of the Twitterverse, and when I mentioned that it had made me want to make it with Lapsang, there was interest in that, too.4

Mister Tea and I discussed it, and we decided to offer the option to mod your tea.

It falls neatly in line with one of the theories behind how we blend our medicinal teas.  “Medicine won’t work if it is too gross to drink”

We figure the better it tastes, or the more it falls in line with your  personal preferences, the more likely you will be to drink and enjoy the tea – and thus reap its benefits.

So we are introducing a service in our personal shop – The Tea Mod.

If there is a particular medicinal tea you would like to have with a different foundation than the standard, you can now ask us to modify it to your preference.

Our basic teas we use for blending are:  Basic Black, Basic Green, Ceylon, Earl Grey, Genmaicha, Golden Monkey, Golden Yunnan, Green Kukicha, Gunpowder Green, Keemun Black, Lapsang Souchong, Roasted Kukicha, Roasted Mate, Rooibos, and Russian Caravan.

Our signature blends are: Baker Street Blend, Coyote’s Caravan, Eureka: Smoky Monkey, Into the Dark Woods, Requiem for a Redshirt, The Smoking Gun, Splinter’s Brew, St. John’s Verity, Take a Breath, TriForce Tea, and Watson’s Wit.5

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this method of modification for our tasty teas.  Recreating a flavour profile with a new tea is a much more intensive process than recreating a medicinal tea, where it is basically swapping out an ingredient.6

We are hoping offering this option will make our medicinal teas even more accessible.

Collage of pictures of a variety of different tea leaves.
Choose Your Own Adventure?

  1. Fever-B-Gone, among others.
  2. Or game. Or scribbling. Though Mister Tea winces sometimes when I am in a pain fugue and mention that I’ve had an idea for a game.
  3. Pain and hunger and nausea in combination can do some really incredible things to your mind.
  4. Accio Spoons is now available in Black, Black (decaffeinated), Earl Grey, Earl Grey (Decaffeinated), and Lapsang.)
  5. Prices will vary based on tea costs, and the amount of work involved.
  6. We are, of course, always willing to create a custom tea. “I want something like Solace, just with Lapsang!”

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