Fall 2019 Giveaway and Unniversary Sale

Piles of tea tins as walls and towers around a number of bags of tea.
Last night’s tired loopy photo-shoot produced a Tea Castle.

There’s a tradition we’ve held to for most of the years we’ve been in operation.

We run a sale between the dates of Desert Sage Natural’s birthday and the date of our personal anniversary.  A celebration borrowing a sense of things from the Hobbits and their traditions.

This year we were unable to do so, because some new and relatively extreme health issues would have kept me from being able to keep up on things adequately.

Both of us were upset by this turn of events1, and the plan discussed, with him gently helping my pain-and-malnutrition-muzzed brain hold some semblance of coherency, was that we would still have a sale this year.  We would just wait until I was capable of dealing with it.

That time has come.

Amusingly, it coincides with the realization that the “Orphan Teas2Box” is close to full, and once the teas currently waiting have had their photos taken, will be full to bursting…  or possibly in a full-on overflow state.

We are kicking off both our newly christened “Hobbit Unniversary Sale”3 and our Fall 2019 Giveaway today, September 2nd.  The sale will run for a week, with the final day being next Monday.4

The Giveaway will run through the month of September, with various actions on social media granting entries.

Follow us on Twitter (and retweet the giveaway.)

Share one of our giveaway posts on Facebook.  You will need to make the shared post public, or we won’t know that you’ve done so.

Subscribe to the blog, and share this post – on a platform of your choosing where we have a presence.5 (Just make sure to tag us to allow us to know that you’ve done so.)

Follow us on Instagram, like the post, and tag someone you think would enjoy a tea giveaway.

These methods will grant you one entry per social media platform per day.6

Additionally, over the course of the month the giveaway will be running, you can garner up to 5 bonus entries by talking about one of our teas that you have particularly enjoyed or that has helped you, using the hashtag #DSNTeaJoy and mentioning that we are currently running a giveaway.7

As far as the prizes go, we’re approaching this giveaway a little differently than we have prior.  Part of this is the process of refining our approach to them over time, and part of this is knowing that we are coming up on the holiday season.  As our particular wheelhouse involves things that increase in popularity during the colder months, I wanted things to be a little simpler heading into our busier time.

There will be one Grand Prize winner.  This winner will be able to choose between the following things:

15 small tea tins, open so the wide array of colours and textures can be seen.
Taste the Rainbow?

1.All the loose tea samples currently in the Orphan Teas box8

2.All the teabag samples in the Orphan Teas box9

3.Beta testing the Tea Advent Calendar we are working on.

Two more winners will each receive at least 5 samples of tea, actual number to be determined after the Grand Prize winner has made their choice.

An as-yet-to-be-determined number of people will receive one or two single teabags, chosen from what we have on-hand, until we run out of things that match up properly.10

Due to a smart and fair suggestion made by a prior winner, we are excluding winners of past giveaways from the first two tiers of prizes.

GoT Meme image with the words "Brace yourself, a list is coming"

Now, on to the list of tasty things.

The loose tea samples in the box are:  The Shapes of Clouds (Decaffeinated), Type O, Clever Girl (Caffeinated), Old Eighties Queer, Picard’s Foglifter (both Caffeinated and Decaffeinated), The Deanna Variation (both Caffeinated and Decaffeinated), Elvenguard (Decaffeinated), Sanctuary, Wilde’s Wassail (Decaffeinated), Chai-otic Good, Scrivener’s Wellspring (both Caffeinated and Decaffeinated), Thorns Untangled (both Caffeinated and Decaffeinated), Memorease, and I Am Brew’t.11

The teabag samples in the box are:  The Deanna Variation (caffeinated and decaffeinated), Picard’s Foglifter (both caffeinated and decaffeinated), Chai-otic Good, Watson’s Wit, I am Brew’t, Forest Moon Spice, Gift of the Gloaming, The Shapes of Clouds (Caffeinated and Decaffeinated), Clever Girl (Caffeinated), Requiem for a Redshirt, Sanctuary, Wilde’s Wassail (Caffeinated and Decaffeinated), Elvenguard (Caffeinated and Decaffeinated), Syzygy, First Taste of Home, Scrivener’s Wellspring, Thorns Untangled (Caffeinated and Decaffeinated), Memorease, and Old Eighties Queer.12

The single teabag samples are many, and subject to change.

Terms, Conditions, Rules, Etc…13

Entries for our Fall 2019 Giveaway will be counted starting on Monday, September 2nd – and the last day entries will be counted is Monday, September 30th.

Retail values of the prizes range between $2 and $125. May change due to additions.

Entry is fairly simple.  You can enter once per day per social media platform we are active on by retweet or repost or Instagram comment/tag.  Up to 5 bonus entries can be acquired over the course of the month by talking about one of our teas using the hashtag #DSNTeaJoy, and mentioning the giveaway.

Winners will be randomly chosen by rolling dice, and will be notified by the 15th of October.

We will need winners to fill out our tea survey, so that we can avoid allergies and loathings.

International entrants are welcome, but due to increases in shipping costs, there will only be one winner outside of the United States.  There may be limitations or changes, depending on the laws in your specific country.

We will not use the information gained from the giveaway for purposes beyond the giveaway.14

We also will not share any information gained through the giveaway.

APO/FPO addresses count as within the United States.

Lastly, because these caveats are required:

There is no purchase necessary to enter the giveaway, it is void where prohibited by law, and the number of entries will determine the probability of winning.

A pale yellow dice bag with a phoenix embroidered on it in reds.  It sits on a glorious shawl in browns, beaded.  Scattered atop the shawl in front of the bag is an array of dice.
Shiny math rocks.

May the dice be ever in your favour.

  1. I am not a slave to tradition, and sometimes chafe at some of the societal and religious expectations involved in the Standard Ones – but I do like keeping to the ones we have created ourselves, and the idea that I was Incapable of Doing So upset me quite thoroughly.
  2. Orphan Teas is a concept that may need some explanation, depending on how long you’ve been following our work. We create a lot of teas. A truly ridiculous number, probably. My brain is prolific with ideas, and is easily inspired by a wide array of things – from foods to books to random comments on social media to… And as they are created, they need to have photos taken. Once the photos are taken, they no longer have a particular reason to exist here. And there’s only so much tea Mister Tea and I can drink. We call these extras our Orphan Teas.
  3. 15% off in the personal shop, and 10% in Etsy. Discount in the personal shop added in at checkout. This does stack with the things already in the Sale Bin.
  4. I didn’t decide to run it Monday to Monday merely because of ‘Workaday’ posts being scheduled for Mondays – it also just felt like the right thing to do, to put a nice occurrence on a Monday.
  5. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
  6. You only have to follow once, of course. Additionally, we wouldn’t mind gathering some more likes for our Facebook page, but that is not an entry requirement.
  7. As some of you talk about our teas anyway, I thought this might be a fun way to add a little something extra. I’ve also been experimenting with hashtags lately, and I liked this one when it came to mind. I may keep it past the giveaway.
  8. Leaving out any that would provoke allergies, of course.
  9. Same caveat as the previous note – as well as leaving out any duplicates. Basically, one teabag sample, either bagged or tinned, of each blend of tea in the box.
  10. The primary reason the number has not been determined as yet is that I am currently working on a project that is greatly increasing our supply of on-hand single teabag samples.
  11. Links will be added as the teas are released, and there may be more teas added before the giveaway is complete. We apologize for not rerecording the audio track if this is the case.
  12. Same note as prior. And same apology.
  13. And now for the fine print? Apologies for the repetition, but it is required.
  14. Meaning names, addresses, etc… If your survey inspires a tea, I will probably run with whatever idea it is.

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