The Deanna Variation (Organic Chocolate Earl Grey)

The path The Deanna Variation took from original inception to actual tea was a very long and winding one.

Earl Grey and Chocolate seems like a fairly obvious combination, and I think it came up during our first year.

Some period of time or other after that, I blended a test.

It was lovely.

This was before the Tea Journals.  Back in the dark time where tea notes were written…  everywhere?  On post its, on tiny scraps of paper, on the backs of receipts.  On the ubiquitous small yellow legal pads that litter our house like paper clips or mismatched socks.  In gaming notebooks.  Scrawled on the edges of character sheets.  Once or twice on a hand or arm due to forgetting to have paper to hand while we were out wandering.1

When I pulled the test batch tin to settle down to name the thing, I discovered I’d lost my blending notes.  I’d also failed to transfer them to a recipe card.

So we drank the rest of that tin of tea, and I figured I’d get back to it eventually.  It was such an obvious concept, of course it would come up again in relatively short order.  Right?

Years pass.

A colleague from Mister Tea’s work fills out a tea survey.

One of the suggestions was a chocolate Earl Grey.

My response: “Oh!  We made that once.  It has to be noted down somewhere?”  I went through the Tea Journals.  I read through the Tea Naming file.2

Nowhere was “chocolate earl grey” written down as something we’d intended to make.

The idea had been lost in the ether of “obviousness,” near as we can tell.

I did find the original test tin, clean, still labeled in black pen and waiting to be filled with tea.

This entire sequence of events irritated me, and provoked me to finally make the tea, being quite careful and serious about making sure it was annotated everywhere it should be with precision and surety.

The Deanna Variation came up for naming after the wondrous thread that spun out of the naming for Picard’s Foglifter, and given the suggestion that we create teas for the entire Next Gen bridge crew, the connection was obvious.

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients: Earl Grey and Cacao Nibs

Batch Size: 3.4 oz, approximately 96 grams, and will make around 25 servings of tea.

Options: Loose Tea (Sample, Bag), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

Purchasing: Personal Shop, Etsy Store

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  1. You get the idea. I’m not kidding about everywhere. Pretty sure I used a silver sharpie to write on my pants once. Don’t ask me why I had a silver sharpie and not a pen. My pockets are a very random place. I think sometimes they connect to extra-dimensional space and collect lost things.
  2. This was actually the tea that made me realize I needed to transfer the file to the journals.

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