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**EDIT 11/12/19** Catastrophe averted. And we are ever so grateful.

If you follow us on Twitter, you may already have seen that Mister Tea and I are currently attempting to avert a catastrophe.

I’ve read a couple of articles and Twitter threads in recent months about how being poor has a tax, of sorts.  The things you can’t afford in the shorter term can turn into huge emergencies that you have no choice but to find a way to afford later on.  Or spin out in one way or another because you cannot afford the huge version anymore than you could afford the smaller.1

Something in that vein has happened to us.

For many years Mister Tea and I were the kind of poor that meant I ran calculations on how much was in our bank account, in my head, down to the penny, constantly.  Juggling when bills could be paid so that they weren’t late, but also timing them so that we could still afford to eat.2

There’s been steady improvement over the years.  It’s still one income, due to my lack of capacity to work a “real” job3 but even in a country that has “progressed” to a place where you really need two, we’ve managed.  And our situation has improved.

One of the things that helped us along was inheriting a house.

It wasn’t worth the loss of Mister Tea’s Gramma Di – a wonderful human being who we still sorely miss – but it gave us breathing room, and the chance to start gaining some sense of stability.

An older woman in a striped dress shirt, sitting at a table, wide smile, caught mid-laughter.

Fast forward through a number of years where there was steady improvement, but not enough that we could afford a couple thousand dollars a year for property tax.

I paid little bits here and there, as we could, but…

… we only recently got to a point where we could consider healthcare for me4 as something we could start doing.

In the aftermath of the recent car wreck, as I was looking at numbers and reorganizing our finances to see how they’d bear the car payment for the replacement vehicle, as well as the increase in insurance costs, I realized that I could start paying on it regularly.

Probably to the point of keeping up on it properly.

A few days later we got a letter in the mail from the state.

Informing us that our house would be auctioned off if we didn’t manage to come up with the whole amount within 2 weeks.

Thankfully we managed to get an extension on that.

Currently we have until the end of November.

And we’re close.  Due to a variety of factors, we’ve managed to pull together about 96% of what we need.5

Some of that number is because good people on the internet have been kind.

We hate asking.  We’ve always tried so hard to manage things on our own, but in this case?

I’ve been homeless before, but that was back before my chronic illnesses had wreaked true havoc.  Mister Tea has also been homeless before, back when he was younger and before he had Responsibilities and a Real Job.

Our experiences with that life state make us want to avoid experiencing it again.

For a long list of reasons.

I’d list them off, but a wise human pointed out to me recently that being without a home is a terrible state, and one that it makes sense to want to avoid regardless of any additional complications your life adds in on top of it.6

We’d appreciate any help you can offer. 7This could be sharing this post or the tweet thread pinned to my Twitter profile.  This could be donating to our Kofi.  This could be spreading the word on other forms of social media.  This could be clearing out our Sale Bin, or stocking yourself up on the array of hot beverages we offer.

Every little bit helps.

And we would be deeply grateful for any help offered.

Nuts & Bolts

The original number needed was 12,875. Through donations, loans, deciding a home was more important than mobility, and a few other things, we’ve managed to raise over 12,000 of that.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.$14,575Raised $14,575 towards the $14,575 target.$14,575Raised $14,575 towards the $14,575 target.

I will update our thermometer and numbers here every night before I shut down the workbox.8

If, by some miracle of human kindness and compassion, we manage to go over that number – we have a stretch goal, of sorts. That being replacing my wheelchair so that I can still have a full range of mobility, even on bad days. If we manage to meet the first goal, I’ll put something up to show how we’re doing on that one.

**EDIT 11/12/19**

Due to an absolutely astounding outpouring of support and compassion and kindness… (Frankly, we’re staggered.)

…we’ve not only met the goal for saving the house. We’ve also, as you can see, managed to hit the amount we needed to replace my wheelchair.

You broke the thermometer.

Thank you so very much. For all the help.

A man with long hair caught up in a ponytail, dressed in black, standing next to a mostly black Great Dane, scratching behind the dog's ears while gazing off into the distance with a sense of tired sadness.
Two of the living creatures who live in this house. And a snippet of our backyard.

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  1. Dental services are the first thing that immediately leap to mind for me here, but that’s a topic for a different post.
  2. And sometimes they were late, but as long as I kept things “on” it was a victory.
  3. The amount of guilt I feel over not being able to manage a standard 9 to 5 is sizable, and more than a little ridiculous. Thanks, societal training.
  4. Perhaps we should have prioritized differently, but trying to find ways to allow me to be more functional and in less pain has been a primary goal for years.
  5. Don’t actually have it all on hand yet, but we will before the deadline.
  6. I will say that it would be devilishly hard to continue running the home business that has brought us and so many others solace and joy if we lacked in the home part of that delineation. Though, given that there are people who depend on us for our herbal teas, I’d try very hard to find a way.
  7. And yes, this we does likely include our fuzzballs, even though they couldn’t vocalize the gratitude effectively.
  8. I apologize for the fact that this section does not have audio.

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