#365Inks: An Introduction

Twitter has been a fairly neat place for me, overall.

Discovering the chronic illness community there was wonderful, stumbling into a corner of science twitter was glorious, book twitter is another happy place, pen and ink twitter tempts me sorely, crafting twitter keeps me engaged1, and D&D twitter was the catalyst for us to start gaming again – so many interesting people, so many fascinating lines of thought, friendships made, and connections forged.2

One of the highlights early on, once I’d decided to attempt to Twitter, was stumbling over the hashtag #365Teas.3

A hashtag to use when talking about tea, whether it be a particular new blend, a loved old blend, what tea brings to you or helps you with, or amusingly tragic Tea Fails.4

At one point, after I’d shared an image of a quote penned with a new ink sample, one of the participants in #365Teas asked a question I found to be quite valid.

A tweet that reads "When are we getting #365Inks?"

Based on this query, I decided that I would start using the hashtag #365Inks when I posted the ink testing quotes.  As well as various projects that have grown out of the love Mister Tea and I have for pens and inks.

I’d love to see what you’re experimenting with, too.5

  1. And also humble.
  2. More recently the various communities on Twitter became a part of how we saved our house. So more than fairly neat. A boon, on so many levels.
  3. Stumbling over that hashtag was actually what led me to the corner of science twitter I mentioned.
  4. We’ve all had at least one, right?
  5. The eventual plan is to attach a gallery to this post with all the quotes I’ve written up. Just need to finish cleaning them up, and then add them as I put them up on Twitter.

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