Picard’s Foglifter (Organic Earl Grey Chai)

A small white bowl filled with a blend of black tea and chai spices.

Back in May Mister Tea and I realized we hadn’t yet made an Earl Grey Chai.

This seemed odd, given his love of Earl Grey and my love of chai.  Things got even stranger after I dug through the tea journals and the tea ideas files that hadn’t yet been transferred over and we realized the concept of that tea had never even been written down.

Apparently it was so obvious that we’d just assumed it would happen and would stay present enough in mind that we’d get to it.

As we’ve been around for six years…  perhaps we over-estimated ourselves in that.  (Or it was a casualty of the persistent “so many tea ideas, so little time” problem that plagues me.)

Either way, after this set of realizations, it became a thing I decided Must Happen.

And so it did.

Earl Grey tea and the particular set of spices often used in chai are old familiar friends to me.  Combining the different aspects was a relatively easy process.

The tin of the finished tea was added to the overly full “Teas in Need of Names” shelves and stayed there for a month or two.

In the interim, it was sent out as part of our Tea of the Month Club. When it came time to deal with the closing paperwork for that particular 6 month iteration of the club, I realized it still needed a name.1

As is our habit when a tea needs a name, I asked our corner of the Twitterverse if they had any thoughts.  Often I have a glimmer of a direction, or even some initial suggestions to jumpstart the process, but the Earl Grey Chai had been part of a stress relief burst of tea blending – and almost none of those teas had been created with any thoughts regarding naming.

There were a number of interesting suggestions2, and I learned a new-to-me piece of history3, but it did not take long before a connection to Picard was suggested.  Specifically, Spicy Picard.4  The thread eventually became a collection of various Picard gifs.

Spicy Picard led to Picard’s Foglifter – which played well both with the character’s well known love of Earl Grey, as well as the enlivening nature of the spices.  I decided that the Spicy Picard would be an excellent name for a cocktail made with the tea and an appropriate alcohol.5

We have not yet designed the ‘Spicy Picard’ – but will keep you posted if we come up with an appropriate recipe.

As is now true with all of our tea blends where Earl Grey is the foundation tea, Picard’s Foglifter is available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated.

Am array of bags and tins of tea in various sizes and shapes, set around a small white bowl full of chai spices and black tea.  The labels on the tea containment state that the name of the tea is Picard's Foglifter, listing the ingredients as earl grey tea and a collection of chai spices.

Organic Ingredients: Earl Grey Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Ginger

Batch Size: 5.7 ounces, approximately 161 grams, approximately 45 servings of tea

Options: Loose Tea (Sample, Bag), Teabags (Single, Sample, Bag)

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  1. I don’t figure out things like pricing or cost or… until a tea has a name.
  2. Including ‘War of the Worlds,’ which was painfully apt – and still tied into a fandom with a twist – we enjoyed Warehouse 13’s take on HG Wells.
  3. Earl Grey was the PM who abolished slavery
  4. Which also led to the comment “Picard is the best Spice Girl.”
  5. The plan was to do some testing of various alcohols, and let you know what seemed to fit the tea best. As alcohol was one of the last things on the list of “teach my system how to process substances again” after the most recent “my body refuses to food” experience, I still haven’t gotten around to that set of experimentation. If anyone does acquire the tea and then experiment, I would love to hear about your results.

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