(2-121) Smoking Gun Chai

Overlapping piles of chai spices and green teas in a metal bowl.

This chai started with a blogger.

I was asked if we would be willing to donate a few teas for testing, and in return we would be highlighted on the blog for a month.

Once Mister Tea and I had decided we wanted to do the thing, I, of course, asked for our survey to be filled out.

One of the things I wanted to send was a green tea chai. To my utter chagrin, given our array of chais, I realized we didn’t have one.

So I created two, as I could not decide whether I wanted a brighter green chai or a darker green chai, and figured that having both would be a good idea.

The other one became our ‘Chai-otic Good‘ – this one has languished without a name for months. Honestly, it is closing on a year now.

Part of this is our habit of keeping to a general theme with teas made from specific foundational blends.

In this case, we wanted The Smoking Gun line to involve ghost stories, urban legends, tall tales…

If you have a favourite tale or legend, please let us know. Even if it does not end up naming this particular tea, it will give us fodder for future teas where the base is The Smoking Gun.

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