Pandemic 2020: A Needed Pause

For a variety of reasons, some attached to the pandemic, some to my own chronic illnesses, we are going to need to shut down for a bit.

This will not be a permanent thing, though I cannot tell you exactly how long it will last.  Current plan is for two weeks, starting on July 4th, and then reassess my health and what still needs to be done to solve what got us to this point to begin with.

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and at a few strategically chosen spots in the middle for a couple years now, and the added stresses of the pandemic and current politics have added enough additional strain that it has finally become clear that I should stop doing that.1

Top image is a candle lit normally with the words "how I should be doing it." Middle image is a candle lit on both ends with the words "what the doctor advised against." Last image is a candle lit on both ends and multiple places along the top and bottom of the rest of it with the words "current situation."

Thankfully this does not mean we need to shut down entirely.2

It does mean that I need to go through our catalog of products and finish fixing the damage done by the Labelpocalypse, as that has caused a far more sizable amount of work than I had realized it was going to when it originally happened.3

Depending on how many labels I have to make for an order, just the paperwork can take over an hour.  Sometimes two.

I will also need to sit down and do some hard thinking about whether or not there is anything else we can do to streamline the paperwork and number crunching.  I have been building a more useful spreadsheet slowly over the past year or so, but it doesn’t do everything I need it to.

Part of the downtime may involve me teaching myself enough about spreadsheets or databases to build something where some of the process becomes a bit more automated.4

When we do come back, it is going to be a slow and steady process.  A tea will be rereleased once it has all its labels and once it has a proper post, complete with audio.  That second part is particularly important to me, as once the need for audio was pointed out all of the posts that lacked it became aggravating – like splinters I couldn’t quite reach.5

We haven’t decided yet whether the Etsy shop will reopen at all, or if it does, in what form it will do so.  There are a lot of reasons we are reassessing our relationship with Etsy – but I will cover all of that at a later time, likely in its own post.

I will take requests and suggestions for teas you’d like to see put near the front of the line, as I do not want anyone to lack in things that make life easier to bear.6

Please bear with us as we figure all this out.  We look forward to sorting it and getting back to the regular business of tea and geekery.

White text on a black background that reads "The phrase 'may you live in interesting times' is the lowest in a trilogy of Chinese curses that continue "may you come to the attention of those in authority" and finish with "may the gods give you everything you ask for." I have no idea about its authenticity. -Terry Pratchett."
  1. Yes. I know. But… I can be a little clue resistant, in certain arenas.
  2. Tea of the Month Club subscriptions will continue as normal. This shutdown will not change that.
  3. If I’d stopped to think about 300+ products with a minimum of 6 labels each… but I did not really fully process the math or the work that math indicated.
  4. I am also willing to trade tea for such
    labours, if anyone wanted to work a trade. Unfortunately we are still not cash rich enough to actually pay appropriate wages for such work.
  5. This also applies to image descriptions.
  6. For our regular medicinal customers, if you need to restock something that hasn’t been rereleased, please reach out. I do not want my need to recuperate a bit to cause anyone else unpleasant life complications.

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    • Thank you.

      I really appreciate the encouragement and concern, in this. It was a hard decision to make.

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