About Us

Desert Sage Natural was born out of need.  Or more accurately, what Desert Sage Natural does was born out of need.

Many many years ago I had the bad luck to contract a third world disease in a first world country.  The reason I call this bad luck is that it took them years to figure out what it was, because it is not on the “looked for” list.

In an odd way, it was my first solid experience with the issues that “hoofbeats mean horses” can cause.

It was identified in the nick of time, and I survived it.

Image of two zebras, looking towards the camera, standing in a dried grassland, trees in the far background.  The text on the image says "medical students are taught: "When you hear the sound of hooves, think horses, not zebras." "Zebras" refer to rare conditions."

However, in the aftermath, everything that had been a little wrong with me prior started to get worse.

The chemical sensitivity flared up, and my joints got even more slippy – with added fun due to my immune system being fairly well destroyed.

I started having to avoid anything with artificial flavours or colours – as well as a long list of preservatives and additives that I’m not entirely certain what they are actually for.  We slowly realized that this had the effect of making me allergic to many medications.1

This, combined with the difficulty of paying for even basic medical care in America2, led me to turn a passing fascination with herbs into a deeper course of study.

Our first blends were fairly basic work-a-day concoctions.  A variety of teas for colds and flus and the most common symptoms thereof, a tea for migraines, another for menstruation…  We added more as issues came up, doing the research and creating blends for a variety of needs.

As our ‘catalog’ expanded and our teas were proven to be quite effective, more and more people began to encourage us to open a shop.  We’d begun to spread ourselves just a bit thin providing teas to those who needed them.

We didn’t do everything properly from the start, but we did decide on a few core principles for Desert Sage Natural.

The first was that we would be as green as we could manage to be.  This starts with our ingredients – which are organic whenever possible and when we cannot find something organic are at least free of all artificial additives – and ends with our packaging and shipping supplies.  Attached to this goal is our desire for transparency.  We will always tell you what we use, and we will never hide anything in the fine print.3

The second was that we would always try to treat our customers the way we would prefer to be treated.  You are not a number or a cipher to us, here at Desert Sage Natural.  We know you are an actual real live sentient being who deserves respect and care – and we try our level best to have our customers feel acknowledged, appreciated, and listened to.

The third was that we wanted to make all of our medicinal teas as tasty as possible, while avoiding unnecessary ingredients.  This means that everything I put into a medicinal tea has a direct purpose for the issue it was designed to assist with – nothing is there just for flavour, nothing is there just to cover the more…  interesting tastes offered by some herbs.  This goal means that sometimes the testing for a medicinal tea can take several days beyond the research, as I tweak it both for efficacy and for potability.  As Mister Tea puts it: “Medicinal Teas won’t work if they are too gross to drink!”

The last was that we would allow our geekeries and interests to be peppered through our products.  It makes the process more fun, and allows for salutes to a variety of things that have enriched our lives or caught our fancy.

The word 'Co-Exist' written with a variety of spaceships from science fiction worlds.

As we’ve grown, coming a long way from the 30ish teas we started with4, we’ve continued to keep all of those goals in mind.

We’ve also been gifted some amazing relationships with our customers and followers.  There are often rollicking conversations about tea names and tea ideas.  I love that there is a bridge of inspiration back and forth.

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions – whether it be for a way to improve our alignment with our goals, or for a new tea.  Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Lastly, we thought an introduction to the two of us might be warranted:

And those introductions will be coming soon.

We didn’t manage to get them written and recorded in time for today’s posting, and due to other things currently in motion, couldn’t hold the post until we had them.

To be continued... typed text on a vintage typewriter. old paper. Close up image of just the mechanism and the words.
  1. Fun fact: It is really hard to find out what fillers and colourants they put into pills. For human medications. When I’m researching for pets, I can usually get a full ingredients list.
  2. My experiences working for a pharmaceutical liaison company played a part as well. I know entirely too much about the darker sides of Big Pharma…
  3. When proofing this Mister Tea pointed out that we don’t have any fine print.
  4. We opened the shop with around 30 teas, only a handful of them teas simply for taste. Partially because it didn’t really occur to me that I could make teas just for taste. I was actually a little intimidated by the idea, as blending teas specifically for flavour had to be something akin to magic. Or so said any image my mind conjured about professional wine tasters… and I assumed tea had to be similar.