Hershel’s Gift

‘Hershel’s Gift’ started with a different name, as a cold and flu tea that just about anyone would be willing to drink. I have always loved that elderberries are effective for both types of illness, given how amazing they taste.  We have some elderberry syrup that is mostly used on Continue Reading →

Fever-B-Gone (Fever Reducing Tea)

Fever-B-Gone was created for one of those basic needs.  Fevers happen, and depending on the day and the reason, need to be brought down. Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought to make a febrifuge until I was actually in the throes of a fever.  I’d realized I was getting a little loopy Continue Reading →

Stone Cold Cold Killer (Organic Tea for Cold and Flu)

Sometimes a tea happens for a neat reason, or there is an interesting story behind it.  Other times a tea happens because it strikes as an obvious need.  Stone Cold Cold Killer falls into the latter category. ‘Stone Cold Cold Killer’ was actually our second tea for colds, flus, and other Continue Reading →