Periodic Ramblings (August 17, 2015)

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This post was delayed because sometimes I am easily distracted. The idea for a new tea was sparked (on Twitter, of all places) and I had to create the tea.  In the process of creating that tea, I decided I needed to write about how we approach making a tea…. Continue Reading →

Weekly Rambling (August 1, 2015)

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Day late, this week.  However, still the same week.  That counts, right? I even have a relatively good reason.  I was having a particularly iffy body day yesterday, and sort of fell into a book.  Which was followed by sort of autonomically picking up the second and continuing the tale… Continue Reading →

Weekly Rambling (July 24, 2015)

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The title of this post is a wee bit hopeful on my part, but I’ve come to a couple of realizations about this site/blog recently. The first is that I need to write more.  I have a pile of deeper thought posts in a huge binder clip somewhere, and they Continue Reading →

January 2015 Handmade Forum Treasury Ramble

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As I’ve mentioned before, The Handmade Forum is a group of crafters from around the world who have banded together to share advice, bit of promotion, and sometimes just bond over both the good and bad of doing handmade things in a world that seems to value them less. For January Continue Reading →


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Desert Sage Natural grew out of a number of deeply personal concepts and circumstances for my partner and me. Part of it came out of the fact that I suffer from chemical sensitivities, and have been becoming steadily more allergic to most pharmaceutical medicines.  Another part of it was frustration Continue Reading →