Betsy’s Best (Organic Cinnamon Cocoa)

We’d known we wanted a cinnamon cocoa from the moment we realized we could make cocoas. Given our experiences with trying ground whole herb for our ‘Wicked Cocoa‘ we initially shied away from using cinnamon powder. Thought it might make the end result a bit chewy. Eventually we realized that Continue Reading →

Persephone’s Passion (Organic Pomegranate Cocoa)

Pomegranates have always fascinated me.  From the mythological significance to the oddity of the fruit (eating the seeds) to the lovely flavour. One of the few fruit juices I like to drink is pomegranate. At one point I was able to try chocolate covered seeds, and they were amazing. When Continue Reading →

Wicked Cocoa (Organic Peppermint Cocoa)

‘Wicked Cocoa’ had the longest journey from concept to creation of anything we have ever decided to make. A peppermint cocoa was suggested as soon as we had branched out into cocoas.  We had originally hoped that if we could just grind the herb into a fine enough powder, we Continue Reading →

Javert’s Choice (Organic Dark Chocolate Blueberry Cocoa)

When we originally began making cocoas, we were trying to have a lighter chocolate and a darker chocolate of each flavour.  As we’ve continued to expand the types of cocoas we have, we have decided to hold off on the darker chocolates unless asked. That being said, the darker chocolate Continue Reading →

Grampa’s Stash (Organic Butterscotch Cocoa)

Most of the time our new offerings are things that I explain, or ramble about, or…  In this particular case, Mister Tea has written up some appropriate words for this cocoa. He has this to say: My Grandfather was a certain kind of gentleman, he’d run out of truly horrible Continue Reading →

Kaylee’s Strawberry Shiny (Strawberry Cocoa)

We’ve gotten a trifle fixated on the concept of flavoured cocoas recently. As is often the case when we discover a new ingredient or technique, we want to make “All The Things!” This particular cocoa has been a taste concept since we blended ‘Browncoat’s Desperation.’  If there was one character Continue Reading →