January 2015 Handmade Forum Treasury Ramble

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As I’ve mentioned before, The Handmade Forum is a group of crafters from around the world who have banded together to share advice, bit of promotion, and sometimes just bond over both the good and bad of doing handmade things in a world that seems to value them less. For January Continue Reading →

Life as a Spoonie (Chronic Pain) (Treasury)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the Spoon Theory and what it is like to live with chronic pain lately. Part of this came out of the realization that while leaving the house is a rare and special thing for me, there’s this wonderful resource called the internet – which Continue Reading →

Aspects (Etsy Treasury) (09/26/15)

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I do not create treasuries often, which is probably a breach of Etsy etiquette, given how many people have been kind enough to include our items in their collections. It has been suggested that I take the process a bit more seriously than is necessary. However, to feel I’ve put Continue Reading →