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#365Inks, Gift Sets/Samplers/Subscriptions, Heavy Content, Hot Beverage Introductions, The Monthly Brew Archives, Sage Scribbles, Survey & Forms,Tea of the Month Club Choices, Tea Naming, Updates & News

Gift Sets/Samplers/Subscriptions

Tea of the Month Club (Beta)

Tea of the Month Club (TLDR) (FAQ)

The Monthly Brew


2023 September Recap

2023 August Recap

2023 July Recap

2023 June Recap

2023 May Recap

2023 April Recap

2023 March Recap

2023 February Recap

Updates & News

2024-0611 Monthly Thread Iteration 1

2023-1227 End of Year

2023-1211 Holiday Cutoff Dates 2023

2023-0918 Shipping, Packaging, Updates, and Angst

2023-0717 Navigating Twitter’s Wreckage

2023-0306 The Return of the Tea (Soft Reopen)

2023-0219 New Beginnings (Short Version)

Tea Naming

2-97 (Coming Home)

2-116 (Old and Kind)

2-121 (The Smoking GNU)


3-150 (Sorry I Stabbed You)

7-335 (There and Back Again)

8-384 (Can I Exist Yet?!)


8-429 (Fathoms Below)

10-480 (Shelter from the Storm)

Heavy Content

Content Keys

2024-0427 Talking About Trauma: The Litany of Belief

2024-0331 Talking About Trauma: Notepad Blues

2023-1104 Talking About Trauma: The Surreal Nature of Things

2023-0805 I miss…

2023-0722 Talking About Trauma: End of Life and Mortality

2023-0306 Supply Restock (Not Actually the Kessel Run)

2023-0219 New Beginnings (Long Version)

Sage Scribbles

I miss…

Minimalist Poem

365 Inks

Inks in Use

Inks in Use Part 2

3 Oysters Delicious Navy Blue

Colorverse Costar

Colorverse Delicious Sleep

Colorverse Extreme Deep Field

Colorverse KSLV-II

Colorverse Mystic Mountain

Colorverse NASA Blue

Colorverse Pillars of Creation

Colorverse Quasar

Colorverse Rainy Day

Diamine Black Ivy

Diamine Festive Joy

Diamine Night Sky (F Nib)

Diamine Night Sky (Stub Nib)

Diamine Smoke in the Water

Herbin Amethyste de L’Oural (Jinhao Fine)

Herbin Amethyste de L’Oural (TWSBI Stub)

Herbin Kyanite du Nepal (1798)

Octopus Caribbean

Pelikan Star Ruby

Tea of the Month Club Choices

June/July 2023

May 2023

April 2023

Hot Beverage Introductions


Believe Impossible Things

Ealing’s Ladies

Eureka: Smoky Monkey

Face the Day

Fire in the Sky

Gift of the Gloaming

Green Standard

Hershel’s Gift

Lost in the Mists


Missing Piece

Monster Slayer: DMG

Monster Slayer: Mimic

Orange Tigers

Picard’s Foglifter

Rise Up

SereniTea: Mellow Rose

Sorry I Stabbed You

Sorry I Stabbed You Again

Take a Breath

There & Back Again

Traveller’s Porridge

Surveys & Forms

Customer Survey

Newsletter Signup

Patron Survey

Tea Preferences Survey

Tea of the Month Club Exit Survey

Build A Tea 2023

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