Tea of the Month (TLDR) (FAQ)


Zoomed in on a section of a stack of tea tins. The names that can be read are "LV-426," "The Chosen Tea," and "Take a Breath"

Tea of the Month Club (Curated)

Teas are selected specifically for you, according to your personal preferences as indicated by your answers to the tea survey.

A handwritten note explaining the why of the tea choice, further personalized depending on the extent of our interaction.

Tea is sent consistently during a particular week of the month.

Tea of the Month Club (Standard)

The tea is selected for the month and sent out to all subscribers. Data from the tea survey will be used to assist with the choice of tea each month.

The enclosed note is standardized.

Tea is sent at the end of the month.

Members of either version of the club will also have access to a set of special Discord channels. If your handle is different from the ones that I know you by, just let me know who you are so I can assign the permissions correctly.

Top down shot of 5 tea tins filled with a variety of teas.

 Questions and Answers

Is shipping included in the price?


If I really like a specific tea, how do I get more?

That depends on whether or not it has a name and how old it is. Teas with names will end up in the shop eventually, keeping to the release schedule. Teas that are just numbers will have to be requested directly, either from the standpoint of “Can you name and release this?” or “Could I have a custom order of this, please?” As a rule, if there is a particular tea you want, ask and we can probably work something out.

How do I review a tea?

Email works. Commenting on the post for the tea would be lovely, if it has one. (Or when it has one, given the rebuilding/re-releasing issues.) There is also a Discord channel set up for that.

What is the price range?

It varies depending on which options are chosen, but ranges between $15.50 and $65 per shipment.

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3 Replies to “Tea of the Month (TLDR) (FAQ)”

  1. Hello

    I am interested in the tea of the month club whenever you next have a slot.

    Also, do you have any recommendations for teas to help with anxiety? Ditto, pain?

    Thank you,

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