May 2023 – Standard Tea of the Month Club Choice

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Top of the image is a triangular drift of black tea, lower left is the same of lavender, and the lower right of cacao nibs.


May’s theme was chosen the moment I decided the Soft Reopen was going to happen on the 6th.

May was about reclamation.

May was about rediscovery.

May was also about being completely overwhelmed by some of my more ambitious choices and high expectations for myself.

These things combined, even the last, made the choice of tea almost hilariously easy.

One of the projects that has been in the work rotation is going through all of the old paperwork and trying to make sure that the Spreadsheet of Doom has all the appropriate information in it.

During this process I turned up an old Tea of the Month Club record. It referenced a tea that I barely remembered and did not recall seeing anywhere in the “teas in progress” piles.

I checked.

I checked everywhere.

It seemed to exist nowhere else. Only as a note indicating that I had sent a Tea of the Month Club human (and old friend) a Chocolate Lavender Earl Grey.

I gave it a journal page, recreated it, and my GM’s method for dealing with characters when the player is unable to attend a session gave it a name.

Lost in the Mists.

Because it certainly had been.

It also embodied the theme for May quite handily – in part because it had disappeared and in part because I was able to reclaim it.

I would give you a teaser for June’s tea, except that I procrastinated on this post for long enough that it has already headed out.

Lack of teaser aside, there are still a couple of spots open for the Standard Tea of the Month club. I’m still working on deciding what the hard limit is going to be, but I do know that I am not there yet.


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