Journal 8, Page 393, Teas in Progress

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A small white bowl full of a blend of tulsi, lavender, and roasted kukicha.

I love it when randomness turns into really good tea.

8-393 started, as so many of my blends do, with a tea survey. In this case it was for a single teabag sampler, rather than the more frequent Tea of the Month Club.

It continued as a reason to throw some whimsy into one of the dreary grinding days of 2020 that bled together in a haze of worry, stress, anxiety, and a plethora of other not-so-great emotions.

Dice and surveys and commentary and a companion tea worked out by the thumps of a collie’s tail.

The companion tea became The Collie Has Spoken.

This tea was made by a series of dice rolls, as well as a “Build a Tea” Survey that ended up on the website, which began the sequence.

So it should probably have a name that involves luck or fate or chance, though I’d rather not tempt the second in the naming.

Thoughts are, as ever, appreciated.

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