Tea Preferences Survey

The original version of this survey was called the “Tea of the Month Club Survey” – and we do prefer to have it filled out by our subscribers.

However, I sometimes like to tuck an extra into our orders. A way of saying thank you or perhaps just my inner child gleefully sharing a thing it has made… either way, having a frame of reference for what someone might like makes choosing those extras less fraught with worries about allergies or distastes.

If you are a customer, thinking of becoming a customer, someone gifted our Tea of the Month Club, or even just a hot beverage afficionado… we would greatly appreciate it if you would fill this out.

Taste Preferences
What sorts of tea do you like?
What flavours do you enjoy?
Would you be interested in trying our coffees or cocoas?
Pink rose and a teacup covered in pink roses on a worn wood table under the text "Make tea, not war (Monty Python)"

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