April 2023 – Standard Tea Club Choice

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If you’ve been following the process of rebuilding Desert Sage Natural at all, you’ve probably caught at least a couple of mentions of the Tea of the Month Club.

Each month I plan to write up a brief introduction to the tea chosen for the prior month’s standard tea club. It will also touch on the why of the choice and how the why pertained to the month in question.

April’s tea1 was Traveller’s Porridge.

Closeup and very detailed image of a mix of dried elderberries, oatstraw, ground nutmeg, and toasted rice.

The theme for the month was one of new hope2, new beginnings, and the forging and reforging of connections.

The seed inspiration for Traveller’s Porridge came out of a D&D game I was invited to by the old friends who took me in when things went sideways. One of the themes within the game is found family. It’s also a central theme within my character’s backstory.

It was the first tea created here in the new space – from inspiration right on through to testing and naming.

As April was the month where the work for the reopening really started to get done, building out from the finalization of the logo and the new label templates – it made sense, on a number of levels, that the tea for that month would be the first one that gave me hope that I could continue to create and name and share tea despite all the changes to the details, both surface and deeper, of my life.

It is a comforting flavour for me, and it taps into places of solace, both old and new.

I could riff on the tea for many more words, but I will save the complete story for when it is released.

May’s tea has already been chosen – and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I will say it involves flowers and a tang.

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  1. For standard subscribers in their second or later month. The first month of the standard club is curated, for several reasons, not the least of which is that I want to be able to choose that first introductory tea for the person in question specifically. As a thank you, if nothing else.
  2. There’s a running Star Wars referential for this household that I won’t get into here, but I will say that I feel like that should be capitalized.

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