(Named) Journal 2, Page 116, Teas in Progress

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A zoomed in shot of a blend of green tea, orange peel, and cinnamon.

2-116 is a blend of orange peel, cinnamon, and High Mountain Green Tea.

The reason for its creation was a fairly simple one.

When someone I care about is sick, helping them to feel better is rather a priority. When there’s a specific request for something I can make or do, if I can, I will.

This is intensified when the cared for human has the sort of goo brain that takes their communication style back to kidhood. There’s a type of plaintive that makes things feel more urgent, especially when it comes from someone who is family.

Sadly, I don’t have more direction for the naming of this tea than that.


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3 Replies to “(Named) Journal 2, Page 116, Teas in Progress”

  1. Crisp Morning Light – that’s the name that comes to me when I read the ingredients and the post. I think of L.M. Montgomery and the snippets of stories where someone is ill overnight and waiting by bedsides and the hope the dawn brings when they begin breathing more easily.

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