Monster Slayer (Mimic) (Organic Guarana, Lemon Peel, Eleuthro, and Alfalfa)

DMG may have been the first of the Monster Slayer tea line to be released, but it was not the first created.

That honor falls to this tea.

When the concept of the Monster Slayers first started getting kicked around, there was a goal flavour.

This is not that flavour.

That flavour is grapefruit, and, as I had none on hand at the time, I went with the closest citrus option I did have – lemon.

Thus – Mimic.

It is only pretending to be what was originally wanted.

Still tasty, still useful, still exactly what the Monster Slayers are supposed to be and do – and an excellent first test of the concept.

Organic Ingredients: Guarana, Lemon Peel, Eleuthro, Alfalfa

Batch Size: 4.8 ounces, approximately 136 grams, 35+ servings

Options: Loose Tea (5 serving sample (Bag or Tin), Full Batch (Bag), Teabags (Single Teabag, 5 teabag sample (Bag or Tin), Full Batch (Bag)

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