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It occurred to me that since there is a decent amount of crossover between lovers of tea and lovers of fountain pens there might be some interest in knowing what inks are used on the labels and invoices.1

I will try to update this when a pen is added to the mug for journal/DSN pens, or when the ink in one is changed and it stays in the rotation. Some of these are basically forever inks due to the fact that even when I clean the pen it gets reloaded with the same thing.2(Diamine’s Black Ivy is one of those. One of my primary ink aesthetics appears to be “ink so dark it is almost black, with sheen.”)

A black mug emblazoned with a treble clef and the words "Treble Maker." It is full of variety of fountain pens.

Additionally, since I have ink tests for all of them, I will update with links as I post them.3

I am including the nib size of the pen in the lists as line width will help with identification.4

A row of fountain pens, laid out in a row so you can see the top of the caps.

March 11/2023 Ink List

Colorverse Costar (Platinum 03)

Colorverse KSLV-II 5 (Platinum 05)

Colorverse Pillars of Creation (Platinum 05)

Colorverse Quasar (Lamy Medium)(Empty 4/9)

Diamine Ash (Pilot Fine)(Empty 3/30)

Diamine Black Ivy (Kaweco Medium)

Diamine Festive Joy (TWSBI Fine)(Empty 4/15)

Diamine Garland (TWSBI 1.1)(Empty 4/15)

Diamine Harmony (Platinum 03)

Diamine Jack Frost (Platinum 03)

Diamine Memory Lane (Kaweco Broad)

Diamine Midnight Hour (Pelikan Medium)

Diamine Seize the Night (Platinum 03)

Diamine Silent Night (Sailor Fine) (Empty 3/30)

Diamine Tempest (TWSBI 1.1)(Empty 4/15)

Diamine Upon a Star (Platinum 05)(Empty 4/7)

Pelikan Royal Blue (plus leftover shimmer from Colorverse Mystic Mountain)6(Platinum 05)

Platinum Lavender Black (TWSBI Extra Fine)

A brass Kaweco sport pen and a Pelikan Twist pen side by side on wood.

The answer to “What has Sagenatural got in their pockets” starts with these two objects.


3/14/23 – 4/24/23 Ink List

Colorverse Chi-Town (Jinhao Medium) (Empty 3/30. Really liked this ink.)

Colorverse Witch by Starlight (Pilot Stub)

Diamine Monboddo’s Hat (Sailor EF)

Sailor Shikiori Yonaga (Lamy Medium)(Empty 4/9)

Organics Studio Aldous Huxley Old World Blue (TWSBI 1.1)

Private Reserve Tanzanite (Pelikan M)

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  1. I try to note which is used for correspondence bits, but I do not always remember.
  2. I will probably find a way to note those eventually.
  3. There are some #365Inks posts waiting in the wings and many more inks to prepare, but the introductory post is in the “probably needs a rewrite” pile.
  4. Merlin leapt to my shoulders during this recording, digging his claws in and pulling my head back. Can you tell where?
  5. Still a little leftover shimmer, potentially.
  6. It’s a very distinctive shimmer. (And if you’ve seen Leverage, you know who to voice that as.)

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