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A bottle of Colorverse Quasar sitting on a battered red wood porch, surrounded by rocks and a rock turtle.

The first way I attempted to go about this was far too complicated to keep up properly.

I’ve decided that a better way is going to be to track what is currently in specific pens, and what was previously in specific pens, to make it a little easier on myself.

Pen Name Current Ink Nib Size Page Extra
K2 Herbin Pouissiere de Lune Platinum 03 1-31  
2021 Patchwork 5 Diamine Harmony Platinum 03 1-69  
TWSBI Eco-T (Research) Platinum Lavender Black TWSBI EF 1-3 Forever1
Wayward Pen 1 Colorverse KSLV-II Platinum 05 1-74 Foreverish2
2021 Patchwork 2 Diamine Seize the Night Platinum 03 1-66  
Tiny Monster Pen  Colorverse Pillars of Creation  Platinum 05  1-72  Forever3
Lamy Safari (Purple Tape)  Colorverse Pioneer Container  Lamy M  1-75   
2021 Patchwork 1  Colorverse Hayabusa  Platinum 03  1-65   
Wayward Pen 2  Colorverse Co-Star  Platinum 03  1-73  Forever4 
Lamy Safari  Colorverse Quasar  Lamy M  1-75  Forever5 
2021 Birthday 5  Pelikan Royal Blue  Platinum 05  1-59  Foreverish6 
11501 Colorverse KSLV-II  Platinum 05  2-24  Foreverish7  
K1  Diamine Jack Frost  Platinum 03  1-30  Forever8 
TWSBI Sharpie Back Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo  TWSBI F  1-44   
Sailor Compass 1911  Colorverse Crab Nebula  Sailor EF  1-76   
TWSBI Eco-T Purple Tape Colorverse Rainy Day  TWSBI Stub  1-52   
Conklin Dark Wood Colorverse Pillars of Creation  Conklin M  2-7  Forever9
Pelikan Shape Prism Diamine Midnight Hour  Pelikan M  2-8   
Jinhao X750 Colorverse Chi-Town Jinhao M 2-10  Forever10
TWSBI Precision Colorverse Extreme Deep Field TWSBI Broad 2-6 Forever11
Hypno Rainbow Diamine All the Best Conklin 1.1 Stub 2-28  
Desk Pilot Stub Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun Pilot 1.1 Stub 1-54  
Kaweco Sport Glitter Empty Kaweco Broad    
TWSBI Go Charcoal Empty TWSBI Stub    
Pilot Kakuno (W/B) Empty Kaweco Fine    
Kaweco Weight (1) Diamine Black Ivy Kaweco Medium   Forever12
TWSBI Glow Purple Colorverse Kuiper Belt TWSBI Stub 2-31  

A black mug emblazoned with a treble clef and the words "Treble Maker." It is full of variety of fountain pens.

Previously Inked

Lamy Safari (Purple Tape): Diamine Ghost, Sailor Shikiori Yonaga

11501: Diamine Upon a Star

TWSBI Eco-T Sharpie Back: Diamine Festive Joy

Sailor Compass 1911 (EF): Diamine Silent Night, Diamine Monboddo’s Hat

TWSBI Eco-T (Purple Tape): Diamine Garland

Pelikan Shape Prism: Diamine Midnight Hour, Diamine One More Sleep, Private Reserve Tanzanite

Desk Pilot Stub: Colorverse Witch By Starlight

Kaweco Sport Glitter: Diamine Memory Lane

TWSBI Go Charcoal: Diamine Tempest

Pilot Kakuno: Diamine Ash

TWSBI Glow Purple: Organics Studio Aldous Huxley Old World Blue

Top half of a Platinum Lavender Black Ink bottle, light making it glow.

1 –

I wanted a pen that had a huge reservoir that would be my primary for scribbling in my research notebooks. I tested the Lavender Black ink in it, found watching the way it dries fascinating, and it has lived in the pen ever since.

2 –

Currently trying to clear shimmer. Not technically a forever ink, but it works well with the shimmer being cleared, so forever until it is clean.

3 –

Really love the ink, really love the pen – primarily for memories attached to it, but the Platinum 05 creates a nice eye-feel.

4 –

Same notes as the Tiny Monster pen. They were purchased along with some space themed inks as something to hopefully amuse a friend in their last days.

5 –

Was not expecting to like this ink as much as I did. Bit wet, in some pens, but works brilliantly in the Lamy.

6 –

Like the ink in Wayward Pen #1, using this to clean shimmer out. Similarly forever until there is enough less shimmer I can reload the shimmer ink.

7 –

Another pen where I am cleaning the shimmer out. So this is a forever ink until the shimmer is lessened enough to put Diamine’s Upon a Star back into it.

8 –

This ink grew on me. It became a forever ink because there was a chunk of time where it wasn’t in a pen and I actively missed it.

9 –

I did mention I loved this ink, right?

10 –

Tested the ink for the first time, loved it, and now I just need to find a companion ink for clearing shimmer.

11 –

Tested it for the first time, and wanted it to always be in a pen, and then this pen arrived and they just matched up so nicely.

12 –

One of the many inks that shows off the part of my ink aesthetic that is “inks so dark they are almost black, especially when the actual colour is green”

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