Inks in Use Take 2

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The first way I attempted to go about this was far too complicated to keep up properly. I’ve decided that a better way is going to be to track what is currently in specific pens, and what was previously in specific pens, to make it a little easier on myself. Continue Reading →

Picard’s Foglifter (Organic Earl Grey Chai)

At some point in May of 2019, a realization struck. I had many chais, but despite the intersection of a love of chai and a fondness for Earl Grey, I hadn’t combined the two. I dug through the tea journals. I went through the piles of tea ideas that hadn’t Continue Reading →

(Named) Journal 7, Page 335, Teas in Progress

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7-335 was created because there was an individual who stated that he wanted to drink more Desert Sage Natural tea. One of the things he pointed out was the relative dearth of strict black tea blends that didn’t involve smoke. To my chagrin, I realized that he was not wrong, Continue Reading →

(Named) Journal 3, Page 150, Teas in Progress

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The tea survey was, on some levels, a brilliant idea. Most of the feedback I’ve received indicates that my skillset, when combined with the questions I asked, allows me to curate teas for other humans quite well. One way in which it is incredibly helpful is also one of the Continue Reading →

Tea of the Month Club (Beta)

The Tea of the Month Club has been around for quite some time now. It wasn’t an idea that was there in the beginning, it was something that came up later, after the realization that I create a lot of teas. So many teas. Possibly even too many teas, depending Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

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I’ve written several versions of this post, and have not been entirely happy with any of them. Finally decided to start with the shortest version possible. July of last year THFKAMT informed me he was dissolving all aspects of our partnership. Included in this was losing the home we’d shared Continue Reading →