Navigating Twitter’s Wreckage

This post is going to be part apology part seeking input.

I used to interact with social media in a more timed and gauged way. I tried to make sure that each platform saw something a little different, and tried to both keep from sending updates to every platform at the same time and to keep in mind that people are awake and active at different points of the day, and the primary social media venue should take this into account.

This was back when Twitter functioned as my main social media outlet. One could say that this was back when Twitter functioned at all.

As I cast about, trying to figure out where the primary place should be, I’ve gotten a bit lackluster with changing up my postings in the various places – as well as less set on making sure they land at different times.

I apologize for that shift. As I find new rhythms, I hope to start changing up the timing and phrasing and expression again.

Complicating all of this is that it doesn’t feel like there’s a primary centralized location where people are landing.

The space that has felt the best since I started looking is the Discord server. It gives me more capacity for customization and organization than any other framework that qualifies as a broader social media platform. (If you could just export all the activity from each channel, it would be close to perfect.) But I know that Discord is not for everyone.

The runner-up is Tumblr. I have no idea what I’m doing there, really, and have no idea how to turn it to Desert Sage Natural’s advantage – but that’s how things were when I started with Twitter, so I figure that sooner or later I will get at least a vague handle on things.

That said, I’ve been trying to decide how I should approach social media going forward.

My current thought is that I will focus on Tumblr and the Discord server (while still trying to use what is left of Twitter) – and just make sure the general content updates end up in other places. I have an invite to Bluesky and have created an identity there, but haven’t poked at it at all, so I do not know where it will fall into the framework.

I would like to know what your primary social media avenue is, if you are interested in knowing what is going on with my work of tea and other hot beverages – as well as the other ramblings and writings. I do not want to leave anyone behind as I navigate the wreckage of Twitter and the somewhat drastic rebuilding that has been needed in other arenas.

If you have advice or questions or suggestions, please contact me.

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4 Replies to “Navigating Twitter’s Wreckage”

    • I can’t remember how long until you start getting invites to give, but I will be able to share some sooner or later.

  1. I’m looking at similar exits to yours: back to my blog, and maybe setting up a Discord server. I’ve added your blog to my RSS feed, something I resurrected a few months back when I saw what the oligarch was doing to Twitter. In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have put all my eggs in that one basket!

    I have your Discord invite… I need to follow it and get connected.

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