End of Year 2023

It’s been quite the year.

On a personal level.

And that’s without taking into account the bigger picture things that are terrible and remind me that humans are capable of amazing things, in both positive AND negative directions.

It was a year I was hoping would be more about reclamation and recovery and less about metaphorically treading water.

But, in balance, it has been a better one than many.

I’ve learned things, I’ve sketched out some new internal structures and patterns and started the work on rebuilding some of the ones that had had a specific person-shape-and-sense attached – and slowly, with a lot of stumbling and false starts, I’m figuring out less intense personal rhythms for work and life.

And it is a good thing.

And I very much appreciate the support and care and encouragement that I have been given over the course of this year.

I hope that this season of festivities and gatherings has brought you things both needed and wanted – with the right measures of peace and excitement for your comfort.

I hesitate to predict anything or ask for much from the coming year, the Tumblr warning post resonated especially hard  – so I will keep my hopes quiet – but they are fierce, and they are for us all.

A 9 square moodboard containing on the top row: a picture of The Wayward Plane tea, a square with the words “Indeed. So many tea stories to rewrite. Some harder than others.”, and then a picture of a rose and vanilla tea in progress, blended. The middle row has that same vanilla rose green tea, but with the ingredients in piles; the middle section is two ravens in a tree, and the right image is of a tiny green tomato, surrounded by leaves and flowers. The bottom row starts with a hand with a cat paw resting on it, holding a journal; it continues with a box with the text “I will keep my hope quiet – but they are fierce, and they are for us all.”; with the final image being of a black tea with mulberries and rosemary.

(Created by the wonderful tumblr denizen @fadedfrost)

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