Gift of the Gloaming (Organic Roasted Kukicha, Lapasang Souchong, Lavender)

Gift of the Gloaming’s story began, as many of the tales of my teas do, with a combination of desire and need.

I wanted a comforting tea taste, in this case one specifically involving smoke – but I also very desperately needed to relax.

As Into the Dark Woods combined two of my favourite teas 1, I decided to run a test taking Into the Dark Woods and adding lavender.

It suited both things that had provoked the experiment.

It was a wonderfully tasty and soothing cup of tea. So much so that I had to refill the tin it was in while waiting for a name several times before an appropriate nomiker was chosen.

The image in my mind when I first approached finding a name for it was a quiet forest pool, shaded by trees – a place found while wandering a forest both magic and strange.

Most importantly, the sense of the place was one of reassurance, safety, and calm.

As if it were saying, “Here, you are safe. Here, you can rest.”

And unlike many places written about in fantasy that claim such, here it was actually true.

Naming suggestions ranged all over the map. 2

The brainstorming stirred things up in my head, and eventually3Gift of the Gloaming popped up as an option.

It suited the feel of the tea particularly well because the in-between times – pre-dawn and twilight – have always been a comfort to me.

There’s something about those moments when it isn’t quite dark but isn’t quite light that eases my mind and helps to soothe the jagged bits hiding in my thoughts.

Which this tea also does.

It became something that I drank at least once a day, and it helped with the background radiation anxiety stirred up by so much in the cursed bits of our more recent timeline. I lost it for a bit, in all the chaos, but it is among the things that I am reclaiming.

The combination of tastes in this tea still brings me comfort, and I hope that it will bring others a bit of solace as well.

Looking down at a small white bowl full of a blend of black tea, twig tea, and lavender. The bowl sits on a green stone.

Organic Ingredients: Lapsang Souchong, Roasted Kukicha, Lavender

Batch Size: 2.3 ounces, 65 grams, 30+ servings of tea


Loose Tea: (5 serving Sample in a Bag or Tin, Full Batch in a Bag or Tin, Latchtin)

Teabags: (Single Teabag, 5 serving Sample in a Bag or Tin, Full Batch in a Bag, Latchtin)


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  1. There’s something about the combination of the smoke of the Lapsang and the roasted warmth of this sort of kukicha that soothes me. Resonances from happy childhood memories?

  2. Maps, really. Of both the in-this-world sort and the imagined.

  3. While working on naming an entirely different tea…

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