Baker Street Blend (Organic Black Tea Blend)

Blend of black teas.

Baker Street was the first tea that I blended because I needed it to blend another tea.

A friend and tea human sent me a sample of a tea that she wanted to see if I could create a “my way” version of. The theory being that if the original tea was good, something in the same vein made with my ingredient protocols and tea methods would be even better.

Upon tasting it, I knew I did not have the foundational tea that I would need to do so.

I did research. I acquired new teas to experiment with, and after overcoming some trepidation and doing some experimenting, this combination of black teas was born.

The taste of it was much enjoyed, and the decision was made to keep it as its own distinct tea blend.

Prior to the creation of St. John’s Verity it was one of my primary daily teas, and is still one I very much enjoy.

As a foundational tea, it was used to create both the original requested tea – currently awaiting a name change – and The Inspector’s Frost, with plans for more.

The smoke of the tea, combined with the oh-so-well-known Earl Grey made a salute to Conan Doyle’s Holmes and the thousand things inspired by him entirely appropriate.

It also gave an easy theme – whodunnits, detectives, investigators, mysteries of many sorts.

Now for the basics:

Organic Ingredients: Keemun Black Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Russian Caravan Tea

Batch Size: 2.4 ounces, approximately 68 grams, 30+ servings of tea

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