(2-97) Porridge Tea

Apples, oats, cinnamon, and almonds piled up next to each other, overlapping at the edges, in a metal bowl.

I get tea ideas from a long list of places.

One of the more common ones is people talking about food on Twitter.

I’ll see a description and the flavour combination (or the bits of it that could be applied to tea) spark the thought of “I bet this would make a good tea.”

They get scribbled down in a tea journal, or on my desk calendar journal for later transfer to a tea journal – and the plan is to eventually create them all.

This particular concept came from a description of a friend’s breakfast porridge.  It was oats, cinnamon, apple, and almonds.

It was one that settled in as a “make soon” – in part because the friend commented  that not everything is better as a tea, and in part because I am on a constant quest to increase our list of Simply Tasty herbal teas.1

We’ve put little thought towards a name for this one, though it could range from the sheer comfort such foods offer to something touching on the inherent stubbornness I have regarding proving concepts.

We did have a couple of suggestions from the Twitterverse.  Tea Cobbler and Baker’s Comfort.

Sending it back out into the Twitterverse when I stole pictures for this post a fairytale connection was suggested, due to apples and the white of the almonds – Snow White’s Redemption.  My brain also had some thoughts connected to the Goldilocks tale – though no specific name popped out of that.2

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  1. Though with tisanes particularly, there is usually a decent amount of medicinal value, even if the blend was created ‘merely’ for taste.
  2. When listening to the audio for this post, Mister Tea also put forth “Fairytale Breakfast” because porridge is such a constant in such tales.

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