The Monthly Brew (March Recap)

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March was a somewhat madcap month for me. I’m starting to worry that the date I set for the Soft Reopen may have been a touch ambitious, but not enough so that I’m changing the goal as yet. The short summation for the month is: I put a ton more Continue Reading →

(Named) Journal 2, Page 97 – Teas in Progress

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One of the recurring inspirations for tea ideas is people talking about food on Twitter. I will read a description and some aspect of it (sometimes the entirety of it) will provoke the thought of “I bet this would make a good tea.” Most of the time when this happens, Continue Reading →

Inks in Use

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It occurred to me that since there is a decent amount of crossover between lovers of tea and lovers of fountain pens there might be some interest in knowing what inks are used on the labels and invoices. I will try to update this when a pen is added to Continue Reading →

The Monthly Brew – February Recap

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February was quite a full month – despite a relatively late start. The short sum-up is: I put a bunch of teas in the Sale Bin, I took a first stab at some new platforms for social media presence, there was a post!, and I opened up some Tea of Continue Reading →