Mom’s Mate (Organic Mate Rooibos Black Tea Blend with Spices)

We have a habit of recreating teas that other companies discontinue, as our clientele knows we can find the taste they were missing, though our versions are usually proclaimed as far better than the originals. ‘Mom’s Mate’ started as a small bag filled with tea for us to test, and Continue Reading →

Ent Draught (Organic Fortifying Herbal Tea)

‘Ent Draught’ was sparked by a couple of things. One of them was my desire to pair elderberries with as many different foundational taste elements as I have access to.  Not only are they one of my favorite fruits, they are quite good for you, on a variety of levels. Continue Reading →

Farore’s Valor (Organic Mate Tea with Mint)

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A tea we were asked to blend required a new blend-of-teas tea to be created.  This became our ‘Triforce Tea.’ Having made that tea in salute to the Zelda-verse, we decided that we needed to make three companion teas to finish out the set. For ‘Farore’s Valor’ we began with Continue Reading →

Nayru’s Knowlege (Organic Coconut Blueberry Black Tea)

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‘Nayru’s Knowledge’ was one of five teas created due to a custom tea request. The desired tea required a blend of mate, rooibos, and black tea.  As per our typical protocols, we crafted this separately.  The tea blend would be the foundation, and we wanted to be sure we had Continue Reading →

Din’s Vigor (Organic Cinnamon Chocolate Rooibos)

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A little bit back I was asked to create a custom tea.  I was sent a sample of a favored tea that had been discontinued, in order to create a Desert Sage Natural version of the flavour set. It required creating a blend of three teas to start.  Rooibos, Mate, Continue Reading →

Miso Tofu Bok Choy Stirfry

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We didn’t take any pictures as we cooked this one, but it turned out so nicely I wanted to share the recipe. Mister Tea and I are trying to aim for less meat in our diet.  This has happened for a number of reasons, and is actually something I have Continue Reading →

Children are People: Why ‘No’ always means ‘No’

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Around a week and a half ago, this landed in my Facebook feed. Given how Mister Tea and I reacted to it, I feel I should warn that if you have experienced trauma that caused trust issues or PTSD, this may stir things up a bit. Despite that, and in Continue Reading →

Some Weeks are Heavier than Others (04/29/16)

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Life, Our Universe, and Pets: It’s been a long stretch.  Short period of time, but one that has felt unending. I’d mentioned that we’d found a trainer that would be willing to work with us in house, which was a lovely heartening thing. However, when communicating with her we forgot Continue Reading →