Ramblings Table of Contents

Giveaways, Sales, and Events

Fall 2018 Sample Giveaway

Spring 2018 Sample Giveaway

Fall 2017 Sample Giveaway

General Notes



Ingredients List

Our Tea-Making Process (Anatomy of a Tea)

New Boxes!

Dosing Information for Cats and Dogs

Social Media and Keeping Track of Us

Ingredient Introductions

Part 1 (Nutmeg)

Part 2 (Limes)

Part 3 (Vanilla)

Part 4 (Turmeric)

Part 5 (Hard Candy)

Altered Song Lyrics

Girls Just Wanna Have Naps

Pie of the Tiger


Why We Geek, Part 1

Why We Geek, Part 2

Thoughts and Ramblings

Where Are the Action Figures

Tea Testers, Part 1 (Domino)

Fall is Coming

Mister Tea’s First Annual Holiday Message

Occasional Updates

12/23/17: Maintenance and Paperwork, Holidays, and the Love of Dogs

11/29/17 (Our World of Tea)

04/11/17 (Rollercoaster Life:  The Good, The Bad, and The Spoonie)

03/17/17 (The Undying Cold, Medical Roulettes, and the Hope/Terror Balancing Act)

02/14/17 (The End (of 2016) – Summing up and Moving Forward)

04/29/16 (Some Weeks are Heavier than Others)

04/21/16 (Cinnamon Torment, Lego Addiction, and Time to Breathe)

04/04/16 (Time-Lost Update Post)

12/08/15 (Chronic Pain, Hot Beverage Alchemy, and a Little Parkour….)

10/31/15 (Good News, Deep Thoughts, and Reasons for our Slowdown)

10/03/15 (Gratitude, Molting, and Faith in Humanity)

09/04/14 (Refugees, Community, Books, and Tea)

08/27/15 (Knitting, Hanon, and Other Randomness)

8/17/15 (I was distracted by making tea)

8/01/15 (The Second One Happened!)

7/24/15 (The First Experiment)

Heavy Content

Children are People:  Why ‘No’ always means ‘No’

Chronic Illness 1:  Lacking a Manual

Chronic Illness as a Caregiver 1: Don’t Burn the Whole Candle

Sets (Samples, Gifts, and Groups of Flavour)

Pumpkin Spice



Aspects (/9/26/2015)

Life as a Spoonie (Chronic Pain) (10/30/2015)

Adventures in Cooking


Slow Cooker Mac ‘n Cheese

Miso Tofu Bok Choy

Hawaiian-ish Fried Rice


Escali Scale

Loot Crate

Help Needed


Blog Hops and Thoughts for ‘The Handmade Forum

Holiday Blog Hop (2014)

January Treasury Challenge (2015)

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