Ramblings Table of Contents

General Notes


Our Tea-Making Process (Anatomy of a Tea)

New Boxes!

Dosing Information for Cats and Dogs

Ingredient Introductions

Part 1 (Nutmeg)

Part 2 (Limes)

Part 3 (Vanilla)


Why We Geek, Part 1

Why We Geek, Part 2

Thoughts and Ramblings

Where Are the Action Figures

Tea Testers, Part 1 (Domino)

Fall is Coming

Mister Tea’s First Annual Holiday Message

Occasional Updates

04/11/17 (Rollercoaster Life:  The Good, The Bad, and The Spoonie)

03/17/17 (The Undying Cold, Medical Roulettes, and the Hope/Terror Balancing Act)

02/14/17 (The End (of 2016) – Summing up and Moving Forward)

04/29/16 (Some Weeks are Heavier than Others)

04/21/16 (Cinnamon Torment, Lego Addiction, and Time to Breathe)

04/04/16 (Time-Lost Update Post)

12/08/15 (Chronic Pain, Hot Beverage Alchemy, and a Little Parkour….)

10/31/15 (Good News, Deep Thoughts, and Reasons for our Slowdown)

10/03/15 (Gratitude, Molting, and Faith in Humanity)

09/04/14 (Refugees, Community, Books, and Tea)

08/27/15 (Knitting, Hanon, and Other Randomness)

8/17/15 (I was distracted by making tea)

8/01/15 (The Second One Happened!)

7/24/15 (The First Experiment)

Heavy Content

Children are People:  Why ‘No’ always means ‘No’

Sets (Samples, Gifts, and Groups of Flavour)

Pumpkin Spice



Aspects (/9/26/2015)

Life as a Spoonie (Chronic Pain) (10/30/2015)

Adventures in Cooking

Slow Cooker Mac ‘n Cheese

Miso Tofu Bok Choy


Escali Scale

Loot Crate

Help Needed


Blog Hops and Thoughts for ‘The Handmade Forum

Holiday Blog Hop (2014)

January Treasury Challenge (2015)

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